Eyebrow Threading

One of the most significant and easily modified features of the face, the eyebrow has a rich
history as a fashion accent. From the palace of Cleopatra in ancient Egypt to the Kabuki theatre
of 17th century Japan, and in cultures throughout the world, the eyebrow has been adapted and
adorned in a startling variety of ways for millennia.

Henna Art

Henna Tattoo – body art has been used to adorn the hands and feet of women in the Middle East and India for thousands of years.  Following these traditions, Henna body art has grown in popularity in Western countries and throughout the world, not only as a fun fashion accessory, but also as a part of important life celebrations such as weddings and bridal showers. 


The pressures and stress of everyday modern living can lead to a buildup of tension within the facial muscles and connective tissue.  Sukhy’s facial rejuvenation treatment is a gentle, noninvasive approach to a more relaxed and vibrant appearance. *Available at our Pawtucket Store Only.

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